12 Art and Design Degree Jobs That Will Harness Your Creativity – Art In The News

Art and design degree jobs the creative process and come up with original and interesting concepts. Also, you’ll be able to influence and lead a team of creatives, this can be extremely rewarding.

The need for directors of art is on the rise. It is estimated that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for art directors will rise by 4 percent over the next decade. That is almost as fast as the median for all professions. They are also among the highest-paid art and design professionalswith an average annual income of $110,890! This job is rewarding and allows you to develop your talents as a designer.

The Bottom Line

What will the future look as for students with an art or design education?

There are numerous options for those who are creative and want to get their ideas flowing. There are endless possibilities and range from web design to designs for fashion, architecture or web-based development. Degrees in art and design are ideal for students who want to be an innovator throughout the world. If you are interested in anything has, there’s bound to be an art or design career for you.

Don’t put off! Start now and begin making your dream come true. With an arts and design degree, the world is yours to explore!


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