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5. Turning off appliances and lights that are not in use Off

The production of unnecessary heat could be caused from light bulbs. The best option is to turn them off when it is bright and light. The bulb’s type affects the amount of heat they release.

Reduce the heat level in the home by avoiding the traditional bulbs for lighting and using energy-saver bulbs. Traditional bulbs use more energy in heating than the energy saved by energy-saving bulbs. In addition to cooling your home, the bulbs also save money.

Computers, including desktops and televisions as well as refrigerators, televisions and freezers, generate heat when turned on. Make sure that appliances are off when not in use , to decrease heat.

Charging devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops will heat your home through the release of the heat. Therefore, it is advisable not to charge your devices at night.

Make sure that the fridges and freezers’ backs are well ventilated. They can heat up the house.

Heating and other appliances that are electrically powered can generate more energy when they’re not working properly. To repair your HVAC equipment, contact an HVAC expert in your region.

6. What to buy Houseplants



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