Car Cutting Traffic Gets Instant Karma – Custom Wheels Direct

It is not uncommon to have to wait for stop lights or for long traffic lines in order to reach our destination. Sometimes, we become annoyed and do stupid mistakes. In this video we will see a driver who is impatient make an unlucky mistake. The driver may need traffic violation bail bonds.

The date is August 30, 2012. The film begins by showing footage of a digital camera. There is a huge traffic jam on the main highway. The speed of traffic has dropped to nothing. A driver who is irritable seems to consider that driving could be an option. The video shows the driver in grey, passing the dashcam car at the left side. The driver appears to be getting away with negligent driving. However, the driver soon experiences near instant karma. Due to the cars that are on the road, the driver can’t observe the road ahead, as his view is dim. When the car is driving through, it crashes into this guard rail. The shoulder is narrowed significantly. Much to the delight and dismay of drivers who are driving around, the car is firmly fixed to the top guard rail.


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