Could Telehealth Be The Next Big Thing? – Choose Meds Online

like a tablet, laptop, computer or telephone for chatting with their doctor over the internet. There are several benefits and drawback. In this video, we will go over the benefits and drawbacks. It is possible to find hipaa compliant telehealth platforms to consider the use of telehealth.

Telehealth’s biggest benefit is user-friendly nature. This means that patients do not have to make a trip into the office. It also reduces the chance of contracting an illness in a visit to the doctor. In addition, patients might likely to get assistance with embarrassing illnesses if they can do so at the convenience at home.

Telehealth has its downsides. Because the user-friendliness such a high level, users may be tempted to over-utilize the system. This may result in longer time-to-wait for patients who need care. Telehealth may make it more difficult for doctors to diagnose certain conditions. A physical examination could be necessary. In addition, the physician cannot use any of their tools in order to aid you.


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