How Are Custom Metal Signs Made? – Blogging Information

video shows how the metal sign-making process works.

First thing you need to take into consideration is the kind of material the fabricator will be using. In this video, the fabricators make use of 14 gauge steel. The sheet of steel is loaded onto a plasma tablet, which is securely held in place.

The sketch is sketched out on a computer using digital software. The programmer uploads the design to the cutting machine and ensures that all the cut paths are lined up. Once all of the details have been set, it is time to turn the plasma cutter on to cut the metal.

The cut out sign is taken off the plasma table . It is then put on a towel to be cleaned, dried, and sanded. In order to make the sign more well-polished, artisans apply the hand-polish. This is the case if the company chooses a sign made from raw metal.

After sanding, a coating of acetone or surface cleaner may be applied to the sign should the company wants it painted. Paint coats are added and the sign is left out in the sun for a while to dry. To make the colors pop, the sign is put on a clear background made of plastic.

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