How to Create a Natural Looking Manicure – Family Reading

The way your nails look reflects a lot about how you take care of yourself. This video on YouTube “How to: Natural Nail Manicure” shows the easy steps you can take to keep your nails in good condition.

It is important to first wash your hands for approximately 3-4 minutes in a small dish in warm, saline water. Warm water softens the cuticles, and moisturizes dry skin. Utilize an angle cuticle stick for gentle pressing the cuticles against the base of your nails. Shape your nails and smooth the edges by using a nail filing tool. By using a back and forth motion lightly buff the tips of your nails. The effect can be reduced of lines on your nails and also give them shine without polish.

After shaping and making your nails tapes precisely at the start of each nail. Tapes should be applied to every nail, before applying the polish white or beige. Once the nail polish has been allowed to dry, you can remove the tapes and apply the top coat. This is an easy way to get a natural manicure that still looks great.


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