How to Install a Gas Fireplace – Maine’s Finest

There is no need for them to be difficult to set up and are very simple to install and use. The following is a short overview to help people understand the installation of gas fireplaces, as illustrated in the video, “Installing A Gas Fireplace.”

First step is framing the fireplace to suit your space. The majority of people frame their fireplaces with two options: the primary one is wood framing. To create support for the unit, the second method is to place blocks, bricks, or other stones within the area of the fireplace.

The second step for gas fireplace installations involves setting the fireplace on its own. You have many options for support. The most efficient option is to build a surround surrounding your fireplace. Venting will be required. If you opt to leave the vent always open it is essential to ensure that the vent does not come into direct contact with flammable material.

After that, you’ll need to put in your fireplace surround. The surround allows heat to escape from the fireplace’s masonry. After you get your fireplace installed, it’s now time to put in the controls and the light kit. Make sure that your gas fireplace will function properly when the pilot light is turned on. If you switch on the gas and close the damper, you’ll notice smoke rising from the chimney; this is normal and suggests that your fireplace is functioning effectively. Then all you have to do is turn it on! Now you’ve got the gas fireplace.


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