How to Use a Stump Grinder – Outdoor Family Portraits

sely. In the video below, you can see the procedure for grinding stumps and how that you can safely and successfully at home.

It’s important to use proper safety equipment for stump grinding. The risk of serious injury is posed from the splinters and sawdust created by your grinder’s blades. Safety glasses and a face mask are crucial. Protecting your ears, wearing gloves, and safety pants are crucial.

A stump large enough to grind will usually take only a couple of hours. Larger stumps may require more than one day of working to avoid burning out. The amount of work depends on your skill level and determination. It is important to clean away obstructions from the area around to trunk to make sure your don’t ruin or dull the grinding blades.

Get to work by starting the engine. Adjust the height and the angle of the tool to grind and progress slowly. At the base of the stump then grind a couple of inches into the ground , making certain that you have removed the stump. You can see the video for additional details.


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