Important Things to Know About Flag Football – Funny Sports Videos

Play is a popular activity and is enjoyed by everyone of all ages. This video will show you how to play flag football. It is a non-contact variant of American football played by teams consisting of between 4 and 8 individuals. It is an enthralling sport that is gaining prominence over the last decade. Flag football can be a challenging sport to play.

A part of the uniform is a flag attached to the belts of the player from whom the name of the game is derived. The primary principle in flag football is to keep away from contact. Flag football players must avoid attacking, diving, screen, blocking, or throwing their opponents’ flags. Instead, defensive players should clear the flags off the opposing team to protect against scoring.

The game of flag football begins by tossing a coin. The first team gets four opportunities to pass the midfield and score also known as a down. After the starting team crosses the midfield, the opposing team is given three minutes to score a touchdown , giving the team six points and one point for an emergency conversion from the five or ten-yard boundary. The game is stopped If a player leads by greater than 28 points.


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