Inside The Concrete Company How Its Made – Madison County Library

ale is the primary raw materials. These massive stones are poured into an impact crusher to press them into smaller chunks. Through a network conveyor belts this material gets sent to the facility.

The mentioned substance is stored inside a rotary oven that is heated to the temperature of around 3,000°C. When temperatures are this high and temperatures, the kiln’s enclosure in buildings is in danger of melting. To avoid this, the kiln is lined with factory bricks woven with an interlocking mechanism to insulate the shell from the scorching heat. In the kiln raw materials undergo some chemical reactions and then begin transforming into cement. Clicker is the name that is given to the resulting material.

It is then transferred from the kiln into the cooler, where the temperature is reduced. The clinker is then transferred to a tube of rolling, where it is ground into fine powder. Then it is mixed with gypsum to make Portland cement. The final products go to the lab to be tested for quality by the cement firm. The result is high-quality cement, which is suitable to construct. Be sure to keep this information in mind next time you are opening a bag of cement. If you require assistance with the details of cement, reach out to us right now.


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