The Most Dangerous Elevator in the World – Entertainment Videos

Elevators are now so commonplace that many people don’t even consider the idea. It wasn’t often the case. There’s been plenty of lift modernization since the time of its introduction. Since elevators started to slowly come to be they had a range of models of elevators available. Some looked like the elevators we have now. Others looked quite a bit different. For example, take one look at the Paternoster elevator. It is the most hazardous elevator on the globe. The video below will describe what Paternoster lifts are.

Just a handful of Paternoster lifts are still in use. This is a great thing. The elevators are open shaft. They do not come with sliding doors for sealing the body. Though this sounds good, there are more things to take note of. Paternoster elevators also never stop. To climb aboard the elevator, one is required to get on the elevator as it passes by. These elevators operate on a loop, meaning that two elevators run at simultaneously. It allows elevators to accommodate more passengers. However, it obviously creates dangers for safety. What happens if you don’t get on the elevator in time? Even worse would be to become stuck. It is evident that there are many reasons these lifts are no longer commonly used.


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