What Does the First Week of Kindergarten Look Like? – Rochester Magazine

being in the hallway and how to go to the bathroom or the lunchroom. The teacher will do this over about two weeks units she is aware that the children are learning how to walk in the hallway.

Also, she plans easy coloring pages to help children understand how to complete a task. The children are asked to sketch themselves on their first day and teach them how to cut out objects. The activities she offers them are designed to develop fine motor skills using tracing, cutting and cutting.

A teacher gives the students an coloring book of crayons. She also instructs the children about how they can care of and make use of crayons. The children will read David Goes to School in the book, then they create a craft. Children are taught to be nice in the car, as well as how to behave in a way that is not kind. There are activities for learning numbers and letters, learning the steps to do a job, and also recognizing foreign words. At the start of kindergarten, children learn to make art as well as play in play with the play dough. They set their own goals and start reading books. At the end of the year, they will begin social studies.


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