What is a Lawyers Role During Mediation – Law School Application

A mediator attorney is a lawyer who aids in reaching the most equitable solution by offering unbiased observation and negotiation. The video below explains the role of each mediation lawyer does in the process.

The parties need to employ a mediator lawyer to represent them in negotiations. The mediator who is presiding over the case is going to ensure that they are as neutral as it is. Is it a false assumption to believe they will go to bat for your cause however.

Your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer will work in tandem to ensure that your case is handled with the greatest efficiency. They will be familiar with all the rules, laws and case law to effectively negotiate with the mediating attorney on behalf of your spouse as well as your behalf.

The lawyer you choose to work with you in order to establish what the plan of action is for the mediation. They will break down financial records, property titles, and custody of children for you to figure out which rights you are entitled to.

It’s crucial to understand that mediations serve a legal function. They are not arenas for two divorcing parties to discuss their emotional grievances with the other. To learn more about the mediation process, follow the link below.


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