What You Must Know About Child Custody Battles – My Free Legal Services

Video on YouTube: “Five Mistakes People Make in Child Custody Cases.” Terri Herron, Child custody lawyer, talks about five of these common errors.

Parents often make the error of restricting their child’s other parent to go to their home. It is not a good idea without a reason. Instead, you should foster a healthy child-parent relationship by interacting with each other parent.

In custody battles, parents occasionally make accusations about the other parent. In the end, these comments affect you and the children in a negative way. The comments could be used in evidence against you in court.

Additionally, there are instances when a parent makes allegations that are not supported by evidence about the other parent. The allegations should not be made until they are backed by proof.

Parents often encourage their kids to call their new partners “dad” or “mom.” In the event of the custody dispute, make sure not to do this. Pick a name that you and the children would like.

Finally, be active as a parent in the child’s world. It’s simpler to obtain custody if you’re engaged in the lives of your children.


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