Why Your Copper Piping is Eroding – Family Issues

hy your copper piping may be degrading. It’s not easy to pinpoint the possible cause. There are many companies that can take care of the problem for you. However, it’s important to understand the cause of the corrosion in order that you are able to avoid it later on. In this video you’ll learn more about copper pipe corrosion.

Your water could be the cause of your pipes beginning to fall apart. It happens because well water is a rich source of minerals. Minerals can result in corrosion as time passes. The lack of soldering is a common cause for corrosion of copper pipes. The lack of soldering may lead to pipes that aren’t perfectly connected. In the event of an indent or ridge, this could cause the current of water to exert more pressure on a particular portion that is in the pipe. This pressure can cause corrosion of pipes more rapidly than others. It is possible to notice a loss of corrosion around a particular area of your pipe.


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